Teleworking: how to stay in touch?

We all know that teleworking "contributes to the prevention of the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and makes it possible to limit social interactions in the areas surrounding the workplace and on the way to and from work"*.

OK, but how do you maintain social bonds while teleworking?

As you can imagine, the use of telework has a strong impact on the life of a company, especially in terms of its organisation, conviviality, communication and people's health.

Thus, it is essential to work on and maintain the culture and development of the social ties at work.

We share with you below what we have put in place at AxeRegel, for the maintenance of strong bonds between the members of our teams.

At AxeRegel, we :

  • Organize weekly team meetings, via videoconference
  • Conduct weekly 1 to 1's
  • Use collaborative tools, such as instant messaging
  • Make phone calls whenever necessary
  • Encourage sports (our employees have the possibility to come to the office to use the sports equipment available in the gym (cardio-training machines...) or to benefit from free sport classes (cardio-training, martial arts, yoga...), from Monday to Friday.

What about you?

  • Do you also have any good practices to share to keep the social bond when teleworking?
  • Do you appreciate our work culture? Apply now! We are always looking for people who share our vision and values.

*National protocol to ensure the health and safety of employees in companies faced with the COVID-19 epidemic, version applicable on 3 January 2022.