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  • Preparation of Marketing Authorisation variation files
  • Drafting of the medicine's product information
  • Verification of promotional documents
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical information
  • ....

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Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information: AxeRegel focuses on versatility and availability


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Teleworking: how to stay in touch?


We all know that teleworking "contributes to the prevention of the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and makes it possible to limit social interactions in the areas surrounding the workplace and on the way to and from work"*.

OK, but how do you maintain social bonds while teleworking?

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8 March, International Women's Rights Day

The commitment of Sara Fonseca, President of AxeRegel


Since I started my career in 1999, I have seen an improvement in gender equality in companies. Nevertheless, gender equality is not always fully respected.

Obstacles to women's careers in companies in 2022 are still a reality. Motherhood, traditional patterns, cultural biases, self-censorship, and salary inequalities continue to reign consciously or unconsciously and still represent obstacles to a woman's professional development.

It seems that women are as ambitious as men, but without daring to aim for the same positions, negotiate their first salary, promote themselves or communicate their ambitions.

Women: change from the inside, sweep away your unconscious brakes and blocks, train yourself, inform yourself, gain confidence in yourself!

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As a leader, I am committed to practicing inclusion and diversity in companies where everyone can be themselves.